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We’re the Australian Wholesaler, Distributors, and Installers of Acqua & Co products for aquaculture, water treatment and environmental restoration.

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Our Solutions

Quality products for tough Australian Conditions.

Acqua & Co are recognised as sector leaders and are renowned for their aquaculture, water treatment and environmental restoration products around the world. 

Premium Water Treatment & Environmental Restoration Products Suitable for Australian Conditions

Acqua & Co products are manufactured in Italy and have been around in Australia for 25+ years.

Acqua & Co spend years in R&D and rigorous testing, making the products an excellent investment for any project. Our experts have extensive experience with our aeration and circulation products. They are dedicated to providing technical advice and support tailored to the Australian market.


Our Experts

Our experts have extensive experience with our aeration and circulation products.

Ben Walsh

Ben Walsh


Matt Obrien - Acqua & Co products

Matt O’Brien

Technical Consultant

Jesse Lowe - BioRemedy Australia - Aqua & Co.

Jesse Lowe


Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson

Managing Director

Why choose us

BioRemedy offer a huge range of water and wastewater management solutions that are environmentally focused and effective.

Diverse and Innovative Product Range:

BioRemedy stands out for its diverse and innovative product offerings that cater to a wide range of customer needs. Whether it's water management systems, aeration solutions, or sustainable water-related products, the company consistently introduces cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions.

Commitment to Sustainability and Ethics:

Sustainability is a core value for BioRemedy, evident in its sustainable sourcing practices, environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, and emphasis on reducing the ecological footprint of its products. Customers who prioritise ethical and sustainable choices can align with BioRemedy’s commitment to minimising environmental impact. This commitment not only resonates with conscious consumers but also supports long-term environmental health.

Proven Track Record of Reliability:

BioRemedy has built a solid reputation for reliability in delivering products and services on time, every time. With a track record of consistently meeting deadlines and fulfilling orders promptly, customers can trust BioRemedy to provide a seamless supply chain experience. Reliability is a critical factor in maintaining operations and preventing disruptions.

Exceptional Customer Service:

BioRemedy places a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional customer experience. Their dedicated technical support team is readily available to assist with inquiries, orders and any other concerns. Furthermore, the company values customer feedback, using it to continuously improve their offerings and tailor their products to better meet customer preferences. This customer-centric approach creates a positive and lasting relationship between BioRemedy and its clients.

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