A dynamic practice in food production, cultivates aquatic organisms like fish and shellfish in controlled environments.

BioRemedy have offered aeration solutions to the aquaculture industry in Australia for almost 30 years.

Our company have expertise in aeration, circulation and systems to efficiently inject technical gases such as oxygen and ozone.

Our range Acqua & Co aerators are specifically designed for use in aquaculture, offering high performance while being energy efficient. By employing eco-friendly methods, BioRemedy enhances aquaculture sustainability while adhering to stringent environmental regulations.

Our team collaborates closely with aquaculture facilities, devising strategies that align with specific needs, ensuring optimal results and reduced environmental impact. These innovative solutions not only boost operational efficiency but also contribute significantly to the preservation of Australia’s aquatic ecosystems, making BioRemedy a pivotal partner for the country’s aquaculture industry’s growth and ecological responsibility.

Fish and Prawn farming systems

The aquaculture industry in Australia relies heavily on efficient aeration systems to enhance oxygen levels in ponds and tanks, crucial for fish health and growth. Advancements in aeration technology continue to shape the industry. Through our collaboration with Acqua & Co, BioRemedy continue to offer aeration technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise the environmental footprint.

Research Facilities

The Aquaculture industry in Australia encompasses species such as barramundi, prawns, trout and salmon. Aeration systems must be tailored to specific species and environmental conditions. BioRemedy have worked closely over many years with Australian aquaculture research facilities developing innovative aeration systems to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of fish and prawn production.

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