Lake and Pond Remediation

Lake and pond remediation involves targeted interventions to restore the ecological balance of freshwater ecosystems. 

BioRemedy are a pioneering environmental solutions company dedicated to restoring the health and balance of lakes and ponds.

With a commitment to sustainable practices, BioRemedy have developed innovative and eco-friendly solutions that address a wide range of water quality and ecological issues.

Our lake and pond solutions are tailored to each unique environment, utilising cutting-edge technologies and natural processes. From addressing harmful algae blooms to improving water quality and oxygen levels, BioRemedy’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of aquatic ecosystems. 

What sets BioRemedy apart is our holistic approach, focusing not only on immediate problem-solving but also on long-term ecosystem health. We offer a range of services, including water quality testing, specialist in aeration and circulation solutions, and ongoing maintenance plans to ensure sustained improvements.

By partnering with BioRemedy, communities and organisations can not only resolve their water management challenges but also contribute to the preservation and restoration of natural aquatic habitats for future generations.


Councils, Parks and Gardens

BioRemedy provide water quality management solutions to ensure safe and enjoyable outdoor spaces in council parks and gardens. BioRemedy have designed specialised solar powered aerators suitable where access to power is limited. Regular testing and monitoring of lakes, ponds, and streams help maintain clean water for wildlife and recreational activities. Implementing eco-friendly practices, like solar aeration and bioremediation, safeguards these natural assets for the community’s benefit.


BioRemedy specialise in nursery water management to ensure safe and healthy conditions for plant propagation. Typically, nurseries will need to reuse water that travels through a plant production facility bringing with it the fertiliser used to help grow healthy plants quickly. BioRemedy solutions for nurseries allow businesses to improve and maintain higher levels of water quality enabling production targets to be achieved. Precise water management is critical in nurseries to cultivate thriving, disease-resistant plants.

Golf Courses

Maintaining pristine greens on Golf Courses often requires intensive water use, potentially impacting local water bodies. The lakes and ponds on golf courses serve both aesthetic and strategic purposes.  BioRemedy provide expert water management solutions to assist in algae and aquatic weed bloom prevention. This helps maintain the visual integrity of lakes and ponds and a balanced ecosystem. 

Residential properties

Many residential properties throughout Australia have lakes or dams that are used for livestock drinking or for irrigation of gardens. At BioRemedy, we are passionate about keeping water bodies clean and healthy, and with a team of specialists who have backgrounds in environmental science, we can design the perfect water management and water treatment solution to suit your problems and your budget.

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