Solar Aeration

Solar Aeration offers a clean and efficient way to improve the health of your waterbody.

BioRemedy distinguishes itself as a leading provider of expertise in solar-powered aeration solutions.

Specialising in bioremediation technologies, we harnesses solar energy to power aeration systems, promoting efficient water treatment and ecosystem restoration.

With a dedicated team of experts, Bioremedy combines cutting-edge solar technology with a deep understanding of biological processes to optimise aeration performance.

Our solutions not only enhance water quality but also reduce carbon footprint, aligning with the global shift towards clean energy.

Through innovative approaches and a commitment to ecological balance, Bioremedy stands at the forefront of environmentally conscious practices, providing tailored solar-powered aeration solutions for a diverse range of applications.

Solar in Councils, Parks and Gardens

BioRemedy provide water quality management solutions to ensure safe and enjoyable outdoor spaces in council parks and gardens. BioRemedy have designed specialised solar powered aerators suitable where access to power is limited. Regular testing and monitoring of lakes, ponds, and streams help maintain clean water for wildlife and recreational activities. Implementing eco-friendly practices, like solar aeration and bioremediation, safeguards these natural assets for the community’s benefit.

Solar in Nurseries

BioRemedy solar powered aerators and circulators are extremely beneficial for nursery irrigation water storages to ensure safe and healthy conditions for plant propagation. Our solar powered option provides effective water management with addition of oxygen and mixing when there is no access power. BioRemedy solar powered solutions for nurseries assist with algae and aquatic weed control in irrigation reservoirs that are typically high in nutrients. Precise water management is critical in nurseries to cultivate thriving, disease-resistant plants.

Solar in wastewater treatment plants

BioRemedy are leaders in environmental innovation by offering cutting-edge, solar-powered solutions for wastewater treatment plants. This approach not only makes wastewater treatment plants more environmentally friendly but also contributes to energy independence. By harnessing the sun’s power, BioRemedy’s systems enable efficient water treatment without relying on traditional grid electricity. Particularly suited for final polishing lagoons to control algae, provide degassing and effectively circulate to prevent short circuiting.

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