Water treatment

Water treatment is the pivotal process of purifying and disinfecting water to make it safe for various uses.

BioRemedy are Australia’s leading experts in aquatic weed and algae management.

Often the use of chemical herbicides is required to address complex aquatic weed and algae challenges.

Chemical herbicides, carefully selected and applied, target invasive plant species and offer rapid, effective control. However, the use of these chemicals offers only short-term control and should only be used on a needs basis.

Biological treatments, on the other hand, leverage nature’s own mechanisms for sustainable restoration. Beneficial microorganisms are introduced to affected areas to outcompete invasive species and break down pollutants. BioRemedy’s synergy of chemical and biological treatments provides a balanced, adaptive strategy to restore aquatic ecosystems, manage invasive species, and mitigate pollution. Our holistic approach seeks to minimise environmental impact, promote biodiversity, and ensure the resilience of these aquatic ecosystems.

Blue Green Algae control

BioRemedy offers effective blue-green algae control solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, can proliferate rapidly in aquatic ecosystems, leading to harmful algal blooms with detrimental effects on water quality, aquatic life, and human health.

Beneficial bacteria

BioRemedy harnesses the power of beneficial bacteria to address a wide range of environmental challenges in water to waste management. These microorganisms play a crucial role in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Beneficial bacteria are employed to degrade organic matter and remove contaminants.

Aquatic weed treatment

BioRemedy offers effective aquatic weed treatment solutions to address the proliferation of invasive aquatic plants that can negatively impact water bodies and ecosystems. BioRemedy’s approach to aquatic weed control include the use of mechanical aeration and circulation devices, biological control, beneficial microorganisms, herbicides and physical removal. 

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